Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Planter Dilemma

West Elm Chevron Planter // brittanyMakes

West Elm released a bunch of mid century style planters at the beginning of this summer. My immediate favorite was the chevron planter, I basically ran to West Elm the day it hit shelves, and sadly, it’s been sitting empty in my house ever since! #shame

Here’s my dilemma – there are gazillion plants out there that would showcase beautifully in this planter, but I only have ONE planter. The odds are against me that I will choose the wrong plant, which will end up on the internet somehow and be super sad for the rest of my days!

Whenever I share my dilemmas with my husband, his initial tenancy is to solve the problem for me – “just plant this shrub! (points to a baby succulent)”. After I explain how that won’t work (scale, size, won’t photograph well, lame-ness etc) he helps me break down the look I’m going for, in logical pieces. So, let me do just that a-la my husband’s technique: I want something large scale, sculptural, unique, drought tolerant, and most importantly, non-poisonous. I would like the planter to be inside our house, but we keep our shades closed all day while we’re at work, which really only leaves our sunroom as the option for this plant to get any light source.

Anyway, while I mull over my options, I wanted to share 9 variations of what folks planted in this exact planter:

West Elm Chevron Planter - 9 variations // brittanyMakes

one* // two // three* // four* // five // six // seven* // eight // nine*

*many of these images were picked up on West Elm’s #mywestelm tag

I’ve been leaning towards planting two tall euphorbia ghost cacti, similar to what Amber planted for her fab client. I also love how the cloud juniper looks, but I’ve had the hardest time sourcing one of those.

Do you guys face the same planter commitment issues as me? If this was your planter, what would you do???



Article Source: Planter Dilemma

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