Wednesday, October 21, 2015

That Space Under the Stairs

In a lot of homes, at the end of the staircase there’s a wall that meets the stair treads and underneath is extra storage space in the form of a closet or shelving. Against a stairwell, the no fail accent is a console table or bench but let’s say there’s an empty space under the stairs and you’re looking to fill it with something less predictable.

Display Art

We’ve all seen art displayed on the wall above the stairs, but this example is a refreshing twist – use the small niche under the stairs to display a gallery wall and suspend cube shelving adds both style and storage to this triangular shaped space.

gallery wall under stairs

elle decoration

Create a Conversation Zone

Pull up a banquette or pair of chairs if the space under your staircase is open like these, paired with a table you’ll create an inviting spot to sit and chat.

sitting space under stairs

jean allsopp

banquette under stairs

house beautiful

Make a Mini Mud Room

Every home needs a place to hang your hat, that niche under the stairs can be utilized to house coats, umbrellas, rain boots, all those layers you’ll need when you’re headed out the door.

mud room under stairs

boston design guide

hooks for coats under stairs



Create a Reading Nook

How about a place to curl up and read a book or catch up on the news on your tablet?

reading nook under stairs

tracery interiors


Add a Pet Lounge

Your pooch needs a place to lounge too, corralled or not, that space under the stairs is a perfect small space for their use.

pet space under stairs

maison de reve builders

dog bed under stairs

san francisco decorator showhouse


Install a Home Office

You don’t need more than a few square feet to create a home office so look to that triangular niche as a place to create one in your home.

home office under stairs

risinger homes

desk under stairs

porchlight interiors

home office under stairwell

leslie goodwin


Add a Beverage Center

Ideal for basement levels, the little niche under the stairs is a great spot for a mini kitchen or wet bar so guests avoid a trip upstairs for a beverage.

 wet bar under staircase

triton Austin

beverage center under stairs

ken gemes

wet bar under stairs

the design co.


Clever solutions, aren’t they?

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