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BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 5

B@H Kitchen Reno Update Week 5

Well, hello there! I know I usually save the kitchen reno update for Fridays, but this Friday I have a special post, so we did a little shuffle! Today, I am sharing our BH Kitchen Reno Update.

We are over the halfway point now in this reno, just finishing out Week 5 this weekend. We had a little setback…not huge at all. I got really, really sick. Like flu, fever, swollen shut throat–the works! I was out for the count and D was out-of-town, so I really got no rest or break from the kids or stuff that just needed to get done.

Then, our contractor called in sick Monday and Tuesday. And, no, I did not make-out with the contractor people!! My husband made that joke, ha, ha…very funny, D. It’s going around our neck of the woods! I am coughing and feel off still, but I am on the last leg of this icky virus.

We did make some progress on the kitchen, so here is where we are at…


B@H Kitchen Reno Update Week 5

The wall treatment is up!!! I have a lot of nail holes to fill and a lot of painting to do, but oh how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!


B@H Kitchen Reno Update Week 5

The original soffits that we are working into the new design, are getting trimmed out. We are doing a baseboard upside down to beef up the crown molding we going to add in. We actually used brick molding on the bottom of the soffit because it has a nice thick edge. It looks seamless with the upper cabinetry. Such a nice trick of the eye!


Tomorrow, the backsplash is going up!! Tile day makes me all kinds of happy. This is going to be a MAJOR game changer along with the marble countertops we had installed. It adds a richness that the space needed to take it to the next level. It gives a flow to the other spaces in our home. Our living room and upstairs bathroom both have Carrara marble. It is one of the unifying materials I selected for this home.

B@H Kitchen Reno Update Week 5


Well, I know last week I shared some hardware options, but after testing them out it was a no-go. The option I was leaning towards scratched and showed fingerprints and I only touched them for a couple of days to test them! That just isn’t going to fly. I mean, you can’t put sub par hardware with marble everything!


So,  I went on a hunt to find an alternative. I looked at every hardware site I could find and all the ones I liked were very, very expensive…of course, right?! D says I have a knack for picking the most expensive option. I just like what I like! Anyways…I stumbled upon Lewis Dolan Hardware and loved what I was seeing.

Then, I searched to see if any bloggers or designers I knew used them and Studio McGee popped up instantly and has used them several times. I absolutely love the kitchens they have been doing lately.


STUDIO MCGEE kitchen reveal


Also, I saw that my sweet blog friend Brittany of Brittany Makes used them in her drop-dead gorgeous kitchen remodel!




I immediately asked Brittany for her opinion on their wear and tear. She happily reported she has had them for a year and they still look fantastic and brand-spanking new. She vouched that they are good quality. They are definitley at a more “D friendly” price point. SOLD.

Despite the icky sick days around here, we are still on track with our timeline to complete this space! Yahooooooooo! And, in the history of every project we’ve ever taken on, we’ve never, I REPEAT NEEEEVER have had such GREAT LUCK with shipments arriving on time!! In fact, a lot of our shipments are arriving early! That is blowing my mind. I’m knocking on wood.

Our first Bellacor shipment arrived *EARLY* with some other things, so I’ve been unpacking boxes and inspecting items. Looky what is here…but, excuse the messy floor…I keep sweeping, sweeping, sweeping, and the dust and debris keeps falling, falling, falling!

tulip table

Let’s check in with that timeline…

Week One was a lot of planning and setting dates for work and deliveries. Getting the countertops installed so quickly was great to get the ball rolling.

Week 2: Countertops installed. Install new lighting. D used to be an electrician, so we are saving money planning and installing our own lighting plan for this space. We are getting rid of the eyeball lights, ceiling fan, and dining area chandelier.

Week 3: Finish lighting!! Install new faucet.

Week 4: Carpenter works. Custom trim work, custom range hood.

Week 5: Soffit trim finished, and tile backsplash installed.

Week 6: Ceiling patched, painting, painting, painting!! Walls, windows, & cabinets.

Week 7: Install open shelving,D and I’s special DIY project, install appliances.

Week 8: Punch list items, and then INSTALL DAY :)

So, I have to ask.

Are you guys liking the week to week updates? This is the first project that I’ve shared the deets on before the big reveal. Does this help with understanding a renovation timeline or do you just want to see the pretty after?

I’ll be here again Friday with some festive fall fun!



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