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New Minted Art and The Blue Room

New Minted Art and The Blue Room Plan

Art is something that I absolutely love and it is a great way to change-up the look of a space instantly. Today, I’m sharing my new Minted art and my blue room plans. Fall runways had an array of trends this year from geometric black and white patterns to bold 80’s inspired prints. One look really inspired me to narrow down what I wanted to do in an upcoming space. That is the blue velvet trend.

MInted fall trend report

via Minted

So, as we are working to get our kitchen finished, the next renovation will begin in our basement. We have a family room area that I was so unsure of what to do for the longest time. Then, when I saw this gorgeous Water Levels print by artist Leslie M. Ward and I knew the direction I wanted to go.

Right now, this artwork is taking residence over my desk, but it will be a focal point in our blue room design. Oh, and go BIG! I love when large scale art anchors a space. I love a gallery wall as much as the next person, but I do love a large scale art moment. To do it right, fill up the space as much as possible.


It really brightens up this little nook and is a happy sight when you enter our home since it’s the first thing you see.

Ahhhh…but this is not going to be its permanent home. It is going in the blue room!

What in the world is the blue room???!!!!

Well, when the big projects are done for our kitchen reno, we are going to turn our attention to the second level of our home. Our ranch style home has a walkout basement that runs the entire length of the upstairs. It is unfinished and an opportunity to really make it into something special for our family and increase our living space. With the boys getting older, we really want to be able to use this space. This is where the blue room comes in.

D and I both work from home. We need office space now more than ever and we also need a place to do more entertaining and lounge. We’ve sectioned off a space in our walkout by the fireplace (yes! we have another fireplace–one of the things I love most about our home) and we are making it a family room and office. So enter the blue room…

House Beautiful Nashville Home blue library

House Beautiful

I’ve been so kitchen driven that this family room space just left me S T U M P E D for the longest time! This Nashville home blends so many different colors but seems so put together. Then, I started thinking about the flow of our home…

You know that moment when the design wheels start turning and your mind sees something and it starts to hatch a plan?! Well, the art kick started this and seeing this Nashville home put it into full motion! Soon enough, I was nailing down every detail of this space and it was coming together.

I love the flow we have going upstairs with the marble, white and black, and unified colors, but I wanted to make the walkout level of our home a little different. I love to set a tone for a home but then create a space that surprises the overall design. So, that Minted art and this image gave the inspiration needed for a blue family room and office. The art will be front and center in the design. Oh, and there are plenty of opportunities to play with a second kitchen area and another bathroom. 

D’s favorite color is blue and it will make for the perfect backdrop to blend our styles. I want to create a workspace that can play both masculine and feminine and have a family room that is cozy and doesn’t feel like a basement.

Here’s some more inspiration so you can get a feel for what I’m dreaming up for this space…

Everything blue…even the mantel and millwork


design by Meredith Heron via House & Home

A nook for lounging and sconces but everything blue!


Matthew Patrick Smith via The Cut

A workplace we both want to be in.


Photo by Erica George Dines | design by Amy D. Morris

via One Kings Lane

When the time comes, I will share more on this design and give the week by week report like I am doing with the kitchen. The good news is we have a plan now that we both love!

So, until project blue room begins…this gorgeous watercolor art will live right here above my temporary workspace.

What do you think of the all blue room? Would you dare to do a room in one color? 

A thank you to Minted for providing the art featured in this story. It is the inspiration for an upcoming design project and we are so thrilled to feature it. All opinions are 100% mine.




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Article Source: New Minted Art and The Blue Room

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