Friday, October 16, 2015

Things I’ve Bought Recently


Things I've Purchased // brittanyMakes

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There’s something strange about Fall. Every year, without fail, I catch my money just flying out of my wallet.  I suppose there are a few obvious things going on… the holidays are near, there’s an unbeatable sale happening every other day, colder weather is on the horizon (hopefully! it’s still 85 where I live, ugh). It’s embarrassing how many times a week I go to Target, lately. But how fun and perfect are these items!? And they say money can’t buy happiness…

Here are 6 things I recently purchased. I think this list is more fun than a Friday favorites, mainly because it’s a list of things I ACTUALLY LOVE AND BOUGHT, rather than a list of things I wish I could afford. Emily Henderson’s new book – amazing. That weekender? PERFECT. That pillow? I don’t care if everyone on the planet has it, I love it. The flannel – perfect seasonal transition piece, as it’s not quite time to wear red flannel. The photograph? Can’t wait to hang it!

OH, and an amazing reader found the gold foil faux bois wrapping paper that Target sold last year. They sold out so fast! If you remember, I used it on my Mid Century bar cabinet Ikea hack.



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