Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spotlight: Wood Look Flooring Patterns

Below is a shot I took last week with my phone while I was staring at my flooring for the flip house having just finished a run. Instead of tile, I chose to work with a waterproof wood look luxury vinyl plank floor for this house even though the home is located in a desert climate where tile is common. I’ve wanted to work with this product for a long time and having looked at dozens of samples I chose the Armstrong’s Bluegrass Barnwood in Fiddle Brown, a nice mid town brown, not too dark, not too light, just right. :)

The vinyl products have come so far in recent years, they really do mimic the look of wood yet are scratch and stain resistant and this one is waterproof! I love that because it allows me to use it in the bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry room so that there is consistent flooring throughout this single story house.This product also allows for for a DIY installation and with no adhesive required, I’m anxious to get started on the the first few rooms when I return next week. I’ll be sure to post the step by step process of installation.

Right now wood (and wood look) flooring patterns are on my mind, there are several possibilities.

vinyl plank flooring

At first I thought the vinyl plank application could only be in traditional installation side by side but looking at the website I realized it’s possible to install it in a herringbone pattern if the pieces are cut precisely. It’s a more complicated undertaking, and if I was keeping this house I’d seriously consider incorporating the look throughout the house, I do love the subtle movement in a herringbone floor.

  herringbone wood floor hallway

creative touch interiors

 herringbone wood floors

designer premier

One thought I’m having is instead of the herringbone pattern throughout the house (more complicated to install) to instead do it only in a bathroom, or the kitchen or laundry room using the same vinyl plank material.

 herringbone pattern bathroom floor

ali budd interiors

 herringbone pattern floor

southeastern custom homes

 herringbone kitchen floor

chamberlain architects

 herringbone floors black kitchen cabinets

the block via houzz

I’m also drawn to a diagonal installation, again I like the way it adds movement in a direction that’s not perfectly vertical to the walls. I’m tempted to go with this look because it’s so cool, less predictable but classic too.

 diagonal wood floor kitchen

exquisite kitchen design

 diagonal wood kitchen floor

style at home

 diagonal wood floor

lisa sherry interiors

Because this house will be sold once completed should I’m leaning toward a classic installation. It makes sense to do so for most of the spaces, but I confess I’m torn between the designer side of me that says “go with herringbone or diagonal” and the practical this-is-a-flip-home voice inside of me saying “classic is no fail”.

 wood floor gray tile bathroom

interior therapy

 hardwood floors

 classic hardwood flooring

via bethany mitchell

Which of these three flooring patterns do you prefer?

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