Monday, February 22, 2016

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Layne rocked his first solo flight last week and now he’s obsessed with flying. Every time I open my laptop, it’s on the Delta home page. I think I may have a future pilot on my hands. He checked out a half-dozen books on airplanes from the library and devoured them in one evening. He told me he found the jet he’s going to buy when he’s older. It only costs $350,000,000.

He asked Steve, “Dad, how do I make a lot of money really fast?”

Steve was like, “If I knew…”

It’s fun to see him thinking about his future at this age, pondering all the things he wants to do, all the places he wants to visit. I’m so proud of him for not flinching a muscle flying unaccompanied. (He flew to DC to visit my sister and her husband. It was their Christmas/birthday gift to him and one he’ll never forget.) Fun > fear. I don’t think I was that courageous at eleven. On a side note, all I see are his ginormous man feet in that picture!

If I had to describe our weekend in one word it would be restorative. It was sunny and mild and we spent nearly every waking hour outside. The fresh air and warm sunshine were invigorating. It was just what I needed to pump myself up for another week of single parenting ;)

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been exploring surrounding neighborhoods. With no big house projects on deck and cabin fever grabbing hold, more than once we’ve found ourselves piling into the car to do nothing more than drive. We’ve lived in the area for 4+ years but are just now discovering all these quirky little suburban pockets sprinkled with midcentury gems. They’re so dreamy.

Steve and I fell in love with that sprawling ranch above. I liken the footprint to the shape of a lightning bolt. It’s so unique. There’s a detached garage (in the foreground on the left) with an open breezeway connecting it to the main house. Vaulted ceilings, stacked stone fireplaces, skylights and floor-to-ceiling sliders grace the main living spaces. There’s even an indoor greenhouse! The house sold a few months ago but is currently empty. I keep driving by checking for signs of life…or a for sale sign. #housestalker

A few links…

*I can’t get enough of this DIY cabin. The recycled paper countertop is beautifully simple.

*Just when I thought I’d seen everything shibori…shibori backsplash tiles.

*I fell down the virtual rabbit hole at Brit’s place…on her blog and instagram account. I’m so intrigued by her review of RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinetry. Definitely bookmarking it!

misfit kitchen

*Such a pretty kitchen. The laundry room ain’t bad either.

*An interesting podcast on the art of living with less from the authors of the memoir Everything That Remains. A documentary about minimalism is in the works. (Some fun six degrees of Kevin Bacon-esque facts: The authors went to grade school in Lebanon, Ohio, where our previous McMansion was located before moving further north to Dayton, Ohio, where our current home is located. They recently moved to Montana.)

*I love the look of the integrated handles on the MÄRSTA doors and drawer fronts, but I haven’t experienced them in person yet. They weren’t on display the last time I was at my local IKEA. Have you seen them? Thoughts?

*I caved and started using this organic self tanner on my ashen body. It’s phenomenal!

One more week until March!

images: 1 & 2) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 3) The Misfit House

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