Tuesday, February 23, 2016

DIY Leather Tassels

I had planned to do this project over the holidays but ran out of time during the busy season so I returned to it this week. Leather tassels are a chic little accents with a variety of fashion or craft uses. My plan was to attach them to gifts for women friends and family but now I have a stash of them so I can do so in the future. They’re a simple DIY project anyone can do as long as you have the right supplies.

 diy leather tassels


Use a DIY leather tassel to accent a favorite handbag, clutch, or backpack.

 diy leather purse tassels


 leather purse tassels


Upgrade a key ring.

 tassel key ring


Or use them for gift toppers.

 diy leather tassel gift topper


 diy tassel gift topper


There are a lot of possibilities, make them into a fab necklace or use a long chain of tassels strung together as a garland.

diy colorful leather tassels

 colorful leather tassels


Making leather tassels is rather simple, all you need is leather cord from a craft store, metal caps, jump rings, lobster clasps (optional), scissors and hot glue (not shown).

 leather tassel supplies


The one item I had to special order were the brass caps, I ordered these on Etsy. To make fatter tassels look for caps that are larger.

metal caps


Loop the leather cord back and forth to create the strands then twist the top ends tightly together and insert into metal cap filled with hot glue. (I filled my caps only about one third full of glue.)

 loop leather


Add a bendable jump ring so you can attach it to anything, you can also add a lobster clasp so it’s easy to hook onto a key ring or purse. Cut the ends of the bottom loops with scissors to create the tassel fringe.

 add ring

leather tassel lobster clasp

leather tassel diy


That’s all there is too it, happy crafting!

 leather tassels diy



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