Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Not to Miss in Munich

I was invited to an Oktoberfest party in town this weekend and I was reminded how much fun I had in Munich in July. I ended my brief European tour there (after visting Paris and Salzburg), it was my second visit to the city and I loved it just as much as the first time.

Munich’s world famous Oktoberfest has just ended and from friends who have visited, I hear it’s a blast, crowded and expensive during the festival, but very fun.

ivy munich

I visited in July when the summer tourists are there but it’s not nearly as crowded as Oktoberfest. Munich is a walkable city, you’ll find much to do in the Old Town and something charming to see around every corner. I spent three full days in Munich over the summer, here were the highlights and some recommended things to do!

Biergartens and Markets

Munich is a treat for those who love good food and great beer. Try all the salads and krauts and sausages you can and do your best to eat as much streudel too, the Germans take this delicious dessert seriously and do it well! You’ll find great restaurants all over town with authentic German fare, and a feast at Viktualien Market where dozens of vendors sell their specialty goods. Nestled in the center is a biergarten where tourists and locals mingle. Kennedy’s is a fun pub to hang out in the evening.





munich market

apple struedel vanilla sauce


Marienplatz Walk

The historical square is lovely to see, along a variety of streets you’ll find shops and restaurants housed in baroque buildings, and many historical sites like the famous Glockenspiel and Haufbrauhaus.





old town walk


marienplatz munich

marienplatz walk


Historic Sights and Gardens

This is the second time I’ve done Mike’s Bikes tour and it’s a great way to get a good look at Munich with a knowledgeable tour guide. Highlights of the tour are some historical buildings in the Old Town and the English Garden, a 900 acre landscaped public space with a beautiful fountains and vistas, the Chinese tower biergarten, and it’s here you can watch the Eisbach river surfer’s too.

mikes bike rental


english garden


english garden parliament

english garden biergarten

eisbach surfer


On our last day we got in the spirit by renting Bavarian attire. I recommend Bavarian Outfitters for making it easy and fun to wear the traditional clothing while in town, we had a lot of fun dressing up (me in a dirndl and Matt in lederhosen) while we visited the various biergartens in between seeing the sights. Prost!

rented costumes

What are your not-to-miss favorites from your visit (or residency) in Munich?

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