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BH Family Room | The Befores and Our Trip to Floor & Decor

Good morning! This week is an exciting one for us because we began the BH Family Room —officially!! Today, I am going to share the befores of this space…(get ready for some ugly!) and our trip to Floor & Decor to select our tile, flooring, and countertops.

Design blogger Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss at Home has partnered with Floor & Decor on tile, flooring, and countertop projects for the #BHfamroom

In our first BH Family Room post, I went over the overall design and details about this space. You can read that HERE if you want to get up to speed.

Also, I am excited to announce that we are partnering with Floor & Decor on all our DIY projects for this space.

We recently visited their Aurora, Illinois store and nailed down all our selections so we can get to work.

Our partnership and visit to Floor & Decor for the #BHfamroom via Bliss at Home

We are jazzed to be partnering with Floor & Decor because they are the perfect fit for this project. With the move coming, we want to get this project completed before the holidays so we get to enjoy it a bit.

Floor & Decor offers a vast selection of IN STOCK tile, flooring, and countertops and all the supplies you would need to complete your project. You can literally walk in and leave the same day with EVERYTHING you need for your projects. And the selection blew our socks off! They have top quality marble, stone, wood, ceramics, mosaics, butcher block. The prices are the best I’ve seen…and I’ve visited a lot of suppliers and home improvement stores doing what I do.

Are you ready to see the befores and what we are going to do to make those images a fast memory?!


Before of the #BHfamroom overall

It’s been gutted, it’s been prepped for our first project, it’s super…ugly! But, ohhhh…the plans we have for you #BHfamroom!!! As you can see, we are missing walls, a ceiling, floors, and what is there is not that attractive.

Our contractor comes to drywall and do the ceilings and custom mouldings in a couple of weeks, so he gave us the green light to get the new lighting wired up and lay down the floors.

The entire space is getting a great flooring product we found at Floor & Decor. Since this is a basement and we just spent time and money waterproofing it, we wanted something made for areas that could get moisture.

After talking with the store’s Chief Executive Merchant, Juan, and the Lead Designer, Gentiana, we selected NuCore flooring. It looks and feels like real wood…it’s actually quite amazing. All Floor & Decor stores nationwide have a designer on hand to help you with your home projects. I had a solid concept and knew what I wanted going in, but it was great to have another designer to bounce ideas off of.

Floor & Decor Nu Core Flooring... 100% waterproof. Great for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Looks and feels like wood.NuCore flooring is 100% waterproof and has a cork backing. You can lay it over almost any floor without any prep work besides just cleaning the surface prior to installation.


Before of the fireplace in the #BHfamroom

Yikes, right? Having a another wood-burning fireplace in this house is a bonus, but this one needs a facelift! We are going to give it a major makeover with tile and a custom mantel. The tile flooring in front of it will also get revamped since you shouldn’t put cork flooring in front of a wood-burning fireplace…unless you want a fire outside the fireplace…which we do not.

Selecting tile at Floor & Decor for the #BHfamroomWe are opting to do a black and white mosaic tile pattern in front of the fireplace. The brick is getting refaced with subway tile and a custom mantelpiece.


The black and white mosaic and the subway tile fit in nicely with the plans for the textiles on the furniture pieces we are doing with Taylor Burke Home for the big reveal.


Before of the #BHfamroom kitchenetteThe kitchenette is also getting a facelift. We are removing the old laminate countertops and revamping the cabinetry. While browsing Floor & Decor, we fell in love with the butcher block selection.

#BHfamroom countertops selections--we want butcher block from Floor & Decor

We instantly were drawn to the American walnut slabs. Giving it a clear coat makes it really beautiful.

Butcher block countertops from Floor & Decor for the #BHfamroom

The backsplash is going to be the same subway tile we are using on the fireplace to tie it all together. Plus, there are quite few more things we are changing to make a cohesive design for this kitchen.


Before of the doorway tile for the #BHfamroom

 As you can see that doorway tile is pretty beat up. We are going to do a variation on the mosaic tile we are installing in front of the fireplace for this part.


We are going to take you through these projects and share the process and progress, but we have some goodies in store for the big reveal of the #BHfamroom! I’ve been busy working on the plans and sourcing and ordering.

We are definitely going for more this vibe…

BH Family Room Post 1 | How I Start a Design Project via Bliss at Home #BHfamroom

…than this vibe…

#BHfamroom before

We have a busy month ahead of projects and in our next #BHfamroom post, we’ll share the progress and the result of installing those NuCore floors. We just started installing them this week…hello…can we say game changer?!!

 I’d like to give a BIG THANK YOU to the team at the Floor & Decor in Aurora, Illinois for making our visit such a success! We had a blast working with you and making our selections. Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable; it made our selection process so easy!

I’ve been sharing some glimpses of the #BHfamroom progress in real-time on IG stories if you want to see a bit more and get some video tours. Find me on Instagram HERE.

Visit Floor & Decor to see and shop their huge selection and find a location close to you.

Thank you to Floor & Decor for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 



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