Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekend Reading

I love this time of year, this lingering transition from summer to fall. The weather is still very warm here in Northern California, we’ve had a lot of hot days yet I can see the leaves on the trees are starting to turn. It’s beautiful, that floatation between seasons.

I’ve got a lot of my plate this weekend, soccer games, family get togethers, and in between a little craft project stimulated by an idea I had with a creative burst of energy. Who knows if it will be a success or failure, the point is to try, to execute, when creativity or artistic expression calls to you.

Favorite links below:

 gray kitchen remodel

 Don’t miss the before and afters on this full home makeover.

I love every inch of this Atherton home.

Such lovely layered neutrals in this elegant townhouse.

An effective way to control your email inbox.

Bookmarked: 20 stovetop recipes you can make in under 30 minutes.

The salary you need to purchase a modest home in a major US city.

Leave it to Rick to share the best and worst of Europe.

A friend sent this with me: consider life is a dance, not a journey.


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