Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Home Tour

Welcome to our first Fall Home Tour of the season!

I’d like to thank Marty of A Stroll Thru Life for having me join her line-up again. Also, a BIG WELCOME to all of you visiting for the first time from Decorating Delirium.

Just incase this is your first visit here let’s do some intros. So, I am Kristin and I write this blog. I am in love with design and making our home one that we love. I’ve been married to D for 14 years and have 2 sons and a furbaby. Also, I am a fall fanatic, so cyber hi-five if you are with me on that!

D and I have been remodeling my childhood home and will be finished up once we complete our latest home project the #BHfamroom. Then…we are moving! I know. My husband’s job is relocating us to Connecticut so sayonara home and unto new adventures! This is our last fall here in Illinois.

Today, you will see our living room and entry way. As much as I love fall, this early in September doesn’t really have me wanting to decorate my porch with pumpkins yet. I do start rethinking our spaces though. I like to add in layers and mix it up a bit. I’ll take you through the changes and a few new pieces I added to welcome the season.

Living room from 2016 Fall Home Tours | Bring in the greens | hunter green, emeral green | Mixed metallic home decor, black and white Bernhardt sofa | Lamps from Frontgate | Zebra hide rug | abstract art | Design blogger Kristin Cadwallader's fall living room via Bliss at Home

Fall Home Tour 2016 | Design blogger Kristin Cadwallader adds in warm wood tones and emerald green to welcome fall into her home | Bliss at Home

Simple and beautiful bookcase styling via Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss at Home

Design blogger and designer Kristin Cadwallader's fall living room via Bliss at Home

Coffee table styling for fall from Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss at Home

Sofa pillow styling from Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss at Home

Colder weather means games indoors for fall via Bliss at Home

Design blogger and designer Kristin Cadwallader's fall living room via Bliss at Home

Simple fall touches | woolen large weave blanket | velvet blush pillows | birch logs in fireplace | art and decor on mantel with black gold and blush roses via Bliss at Home

Atop the bar cart via Bliss at Home | vintage matches | fall scented candle | tortoise shell glasses

Design blogger and designer Kristin Cadwallader's fall living room tour via Bliss at Home

Crystal obelisks are the perfect glam touch to any entry way via Bliss at Home

Art gallery wall via Bliss at Home



If you are a regular here, I’m sure you spot all the changes I added in for fall. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new if you want the particulars. I was really digging on jewel tones and the colors I grew up with in the 90’s this season. Working on the #BHfamroom has definitely influenced what I’m doing upstairs in a major way. I’ve been surrounded with deep emeralds and menswear inspiration for weeks! And, it’s all about the mix. Old with new, mixed metals, mixed textures and patterns…as always!

What I DIY’ed… So, I got out my paintbrushes and made a new canvas for the living room. I built it based off the dimensions of the last canvas and this time worked with greens, still adding in the gold foil for extra interest.

I also tried to find an emerald or hunter’s green velvet pillow cover but the ones I found were off in one way or another to me. So, I made my own. A $6 trip to the fabric store and a couple expletives shouted at my sewing machine and I have my green velvet pillow.

What decor I added… I think about how we use this space in the colder months and then layer in the pieces. I added in that amazing Suri Alpaca Decorative Pillow for some warmth and texture. Little man keeps stealing this pillow because he loves the way it feels. I also added in the Wearstler Channels pillow from Stuck on Hue for a little pattern.

I wanted more lighting, so I decided on these Greta Table Lamps. They are gorgeous! They add the metallic mix I love and are really well made. They are earrings for my sofa.

Another thing that we need are blankets. I always get cold so having blankets is a must in this room at night. Doesn’t that Wool Merino Broomstick Knit Throw just scream fall to you?!! Fun fact…They actually use broomstick handles to knit it. My biggest beef with throw blankets is they are never long enough…but this one is! I already have cuddled with it and it is so warm.

I know I was gushing about obelisks last month and that little peek at our entry way has something new…those Crystal Obelisks from Frontgate are making our entry way a bit more glam for fall. I’ll share more of our refreshed entry way when it is finished up.

What I thrifted and took out of retirement… I think every room should have at least one piece of natural wood furniture. A lucky find from Craigslist and I scored that pair of end tables. They are really traditional and I love how they mix with the mod and glam elements of this room. I also found some brass pieces and those tortoise bowls at the flea market. Tortoise glass is one of my all-time favorites to mix into a space. Bonus, they came with the vintage match collection. Another fun addition is our old chess board. Our youngest has been wanting to learn so I pulled it out of storage and now we have been playing chess almost every day!

In the fall weeks ahead, I’ll be sharing more of our refreshed interiors. Thanks so much for joining me today and be sure to visit Pam at Simple Details next on the blog tour!! Her home is amazing, I just know you will love it!





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