Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Creative Container Plantings

It’s funny when we in the design world get giddy about particular plants and consider them trendy when in fact they’ve been around forever, we’re just rediscovering them and featuring them in new ways. Succulents are still immensely popular and for good reason, they’re attractive and low maintenance.

I made a recent trip to my local West Elm and noticed as I was browsing around they were featuring a local floral designer who specialized in succulents. That’s one of the things I appreciate about West Elm, they promote local artists through pop up shops and other events. I found out the floral designer’s name was Jodi and she owned a business called Flourish so I contacted her to create something custom for me.

kate boat succulent planter

I brought Jodi my canoe shaped white ceramic container and inside it she combined tiered succulents in all shapes and textures. Once they were firmly packed in soil, she layered the top with white rocks. It sits on my dining room table and is so stunning in person. Ever since I visited the Sunset Idea House I’ve wanted a living centerpiece of my own and I’m so glad I turned to Jodi for this creation.

succulents boat planter

While I waited for my creation and watched it take shape I took photographs a few of the other arrangements in her shop. I was inspired by the creativity seen, how she filled different shapely containers with succulents and airplants and accompanied and paired them with vines, moss, and rocks to create living works of art. Jodi’s work inspired me and reminded me how beautiful nature can be when controlled in a skilled way.


flourish log planter

flourish succulents 1


  flourish succulents 3


flourish living frame


flourish white containers

flourish wood ball succulents


flourish iron orb succulents


Find even more examples of Jodi’s work on her Flourish website.

flourish succulents

Can you imagine any of these pieces of living artwork in your home? Stunning!

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