Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Brass Shelf Brackets

I’m looking to add a bit more storage to a few spaces around the house and open shelving is on my mind. Floating shelves are lovely of course, they have appeal due to their clean lines. There is something equally as appealing as shelving with beautiful brass brackets, adding both support and a bit of bling. They look especially wonderful with wood shelves and extra elegant with marble shelves.

brass shelf brackets kitchen shelving

stefani stein



brass shelf brackets


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But who says you need to spend the big bucks on brass. If you don’t want to drop cash on the real deal, spray paint is your best friend! Get the look for less by using gold leaf or brass colored spray paint to a basic bracket (these ones have a great shape) like these bloggers did below.

brass brackets wood shelves wearethebrauns

 we are the brauns

spray painted gold shelf brackets

design manifest

brass shelf brackets wood shelves


homey oh my spray painted brackets

Spray painted brackets can be just as beautiful!

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