Friday, August 12, 2016

Shop the Look | Black and Gold Wall Lights

Today’s Shop the Look is all about black and gold wall lights!

So many of you have asked about our vintage scissor lamps in our kitchen. Yes, I found them in a heap of junk at Goodwill. I can hear your hearts breaking when you find that out. Not exactly helpful. I scored both of them for under $6 and just had to clean them a bit. We also rewired them since they were old. I did see them on Etsy once, but they were selling for $139 each and they sold fast.


9 Sources for Black and Gold Wall Lights via Bliss at Home

So, I was hunting for something similar to help you guys on your hunt. Here are 9 black and gold wall lights that have a vintage industrial vibe. A couple of them pull a little bit more modern, but I’d be happy with any of these options.

Shop the Look | Black and Gold Wall Lights | Bliss at Home

UNDER $100

Ikea $20  |  World Market $60  |  Amazon $75  |  Pottery Barn $95

UNDER $300

Urban Outfitters $125  |  Schoolhouse $149  |  Rejuvenation $250

UNDER $400

Rejuvenation $380  |  Dwell $399

How about those $20 Ikea lamps??!! I am seriously considering those for the boys’ rooms. They need some bedside lighting and that price is great. If they get rambunctious I won’t feel bad if they bite the dust. That’s horrible, but moms of boys…you know what I mean! I do have to say that I’ve been very happy with the lighting we’ve purchased from Rejuvenation.  If you were wondering about them, they have my stamp of approval.

If you are pining for vintage…there are lots of sellers on Etsy and Ebay. A lot of them are refurbished. That might be a place to look if you want something closer to what we have.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!



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Article Source: Shop the Look | Black and Gold Wall Lights

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