Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fall Foliage

In autumn we invite richer, earthier colors into our homes and with September around the corner, I’ll be setting that tone in my home too.

I follow several wedding blogs, I love the dresses and venues and vignettes, but I especially love to look at the floral arrangements with foliage styled in fresh ways.

What I love about these floral groupings is they’re not the predictable orange and brown. Instead, the designers mix in a pop of pink, apricot, plum, citrus, or lavender to keep the palette fresh. Pale pastels and deep jewel tones also play a part. Varied textures, shapes, hues, and vessels are what keep them interesting. We can all create similar medleys in our own homes during the autumn season with our own smaller scale vignettes and tablescapes.

Below, notice how the soft pastel blooms mixed with earth tone leaves and berry stems create a lovely contrast.

 roses and fall leaves bicycle

style me pretty


Mix wild grasses, evergreen stems, eucalyptus and oak (or maple) leaves with stock flowers for a stunning combination.

 wild grasses eucalyptus fall floral

the knot


Gather field flowers and grasses and blend them with wild stems, contain them in an antique silver compote.

 wild floral bouquet

style me pretty


Blend trailing vines and olive branches with softer botanicals, then inject a branch of fruit or a flower in a bold contrasting color.

 olive branch apricot arrangement



Herbs are unexpected additions to floral arrangements, pop stems of rosemary or thyme between leaf stems and budding roses to add style and scent.

 rosemary roses dark vessel

100 layer cake


When you group unexpected foliage together it really wows. This autumn, consider pairing random branches from your yard with herbs and a basic bunch of flowers from the market and you’ll have yourself an eye-catching fall display!


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