Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Casual Dining Chair Favorites

Yesterday on the airplane ride home I was feeling rested and inspired. Taking a vacation has that effect :) I came up with a long To Do list of things I want to accomplish around the house this fall. Funny how when you live with so little while traveling you realize you really don’t need so much stuff in your home, just a few favorite functional and pretty pieces to make it feel comfortable and happy.

Some of my rugs and furnishings are a little worn, so I’ll be replacing them with a few new things this season. My dining room chair slipcovers are the perfect example, I have four of the Ballard Designs parsons style chairs in my dining room. They’ve worked so well for our family for years I’m sticking with that style, just replacing the slipcovers with new fabric.

It brought to mind a few favorite styles of dining room chairs that always look chic in a space. Here are five no fail options for casual dining chairs that will always look great!


Simple and streamlined, a parsons style dining chair is a classic and always will be. Whether slipcovered or upholstered, the look is tailored and timeless.

 slipcovered parsons chairs

sawyer berson

 upholstered parsons dining chairs

 slipcovered parsons dining chairs

mcgill design



I also have two wishbone chairs in my home, they live in corners as accents but come in handy when I need extra seating when people visit. Wishbone chairs have a unique look with their smooth rounded back support and rattan seat, they are simple and modern.

 wishbone chairs dining room 2

kate marker interiors

 wishbone chairs dining room


 wood wishbone chairs

kelly deck

 pale wood wishbone chairs



These all wood classics have long spindled backs, they can be stained or painted. Airy and elongated, they’re always a good looking choice.

 tribeca spindle chairs


 yellow windsor chairs

great neighborhood homes

 white windsor dining chairs

sarah wittenbraker

 mixed windsor style chairs target



Maybe I am under the influence of a recent trip to Paris, but this style has always been a favorite. The woven pattern coupled with the natural legs add oh so much charm to any dining space.

 cafe chairs

amie Corley

 cafe dining chairs

threshold interiors

Chinese Chippendale.

Known for their fretwork backs, these iconic chairs add geometric pattern and exotic flair. Find vintage pieces in natural rattan or more modern version lacquered in vivid hues.

 chinese chippendale chairs

summer thornton

 blue chippendale chair

new england home

 white chippendale chairs

charlotte & ivy

 blue chippendale dining chairs

studio mcgee

See also Style Mix: Wood Tables & White Chairs

Of course you never need to match all of your dining chairs, a mixed group always looks chic and inviting! What style of chair do you have in your dining room? Do you love the style, or would you trade them in for something different?

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