Friday, June 3, 2016

Weekend Reading

Today is the last day of school! It always makes for a crazy week, gathering up all the classroom materials, contributing to teacher gifts, etc. I’m excited for this summer, I’ll be traveling a lot and also working on the flip house, summer seems to fly by faster each year so my plan is to savor each day until before we know it, the kids go back to school in the fall. Cheers to the start of a great summer!

 outdoor decorating

Favorite links:

Beautiful outdoor decorating.

Loving this designer portfolio.

Wow this is a gorgeous screened porch!

Traveling this summer? Check out these apps.

Choosing the right paint brush (great tips).

Steph and the Warriors’ astonishing season.

How to make your outdoor street photography better.

This concerns me: growing up in the age of likes

This Etsy shop has some very cute swimsuit cover ups, I bought this one.

Summer hot dog hacks.

The day I made my son take a picture of me and why you should too.

No, you can’t do it all. (agreed!)

Enjoy your weekend!

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