Monday, June 20, 2016

Removable Wallpapers

I went on the hunt for removable wallpaper to use in a space I’m working on and wouldn’t you know it I stumbled across so many fab patterns I had to share.

Isn’t is fantastic we have these removable papers at our fingertips? These self adhesive papers are so easy to apply and even easier to remove should you tire of them. Also fantastic if you’re a renter, these papers are a great way to jazz up your home and not worry when it’s time to vacate that you have a huge headache on your hands in removing it. Whether your preference is subtle or bold, here are twenty options to inspire!

Black and White Palm

 black palm leaves


Watercolor Leaves

 green leaves boho walls


Pretty Birds

 colourful birds wallpaper





Leaves and Birds

leaves and birds


Flowers & Grass

 flowers grass wallpaper


Gray Cube

 gray cube wallpaper


Banana Leaf

 banana leaf removable wallpaper


Watercolor Leaves

 watercolor leaves blue


Heart Tree

 heart tree wallpaper


Lilt Gray Botanical

 lilt gray wallpaper


Watercolor Herringbone

 watercolor herringbone


Floral Mural

 floral wall mural



 waves removable wallpaper


Golden Leaves

 leaves wallpaper



 cactus wallpaper


Cheetah Dot

 cheetah dot



 kaleidescope wallpaper


Abstract Shapes

 abstract shapes wallpaper


Watercolor Dots

 watercolor dots


If you follow the links to many of these, they lead you to fantastic Etsy shops filled with dozens of chic removable papers in multiple colorways!

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