Monday, June 13, 2016

Our New Gel Foam Mattress

Happy Monday, friends! Today, I am sharing about our new gel foam mattress. I’ve seen different versions advertised all over the place and was very curious to find out more. We decided to test out the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress.

Our review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress via Bliss at Home

D and I have had the same mattress for going on 15 years now and we started researching for a new one. It was time. After his back surgery and my chronic pain issues, our mattress needs have changed quite a bit from the beginning of our marriage. Also, we were probably overdo a few years for an upgrade.

We had a traditional mattress with a pillow top and it was fine for a few years. It never really was awesome though. We knew we needed a mattress with a lot more comfort on the joints and that still offered ample support. We went to local mattress makers and furniture stores, but after researching GelFoamBed, we decided to give it a try. With a 100 night risk free trial, we thought, what could we lose? If it’s not a good fit, we can just look for something else.

It arrived after it was built right here in the USA, compressed and in a box. It arrived in about 2 weeks from the time we placed our order.

Our review of the GelFoamBed Getl Tech Mattress via Bliss at Home

It was super easy to move onto our bed in the packaging. It comes with simple instructions right on the packaging on how to properly remove the wrapping. We just placed it on our bed and as we removed the wrapping it unrolled.

Our Review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

The instructions say you can sleep on it after 30 minutes. It was almost back to its original shape right away.

Our review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

We opted for the 14-inch plush bed, after looking at the GelFoamBed website. It sits 6 inches higher than our old pillowtop, but our standard sheets and mattress pad still fit well.

The truth is we were really anxious to go to bed that night (HA!) and test it out after nights of waking up uncomfortable on our older mattress.

The kids, of course, gravitated to our room and wanted to have a family bed…ummm….we may need a king-sized bed these days. As, I’ve told you before WE MAKE GIANT CHILDREN. Our 12-year-old is 6’2″ and little man is the tallest in his class. I think our family bed days are officially over. Little man is pretty sneaky though, and still sneaks in late at night every once in a while.

It always cracks me up what my kids get excited about. The new mattress was the new fangled hit of the weekend.


Our Review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

Our review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

Our Review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

Our Review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

Our Review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

Our Review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

Our Review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

Our Review of the GelFoamBed Gel Tech Mattress

So far, D and I have slept on it 2 nights and it is worlds better than our pillowtop. We are both side sleepers and the mattress hugs you while still giving you support. It’s comfortable and the instance you get in you have that “Awhhhh, this is nice!” moment. We both have been sleeping better the past couple nights and only woke up because we had a sneak attack from little man. We had the “I’m thirsty!”, the “I’m scared I want to sleep with you”, and the “pretend I’m sleep walking into bed with you” surprise visits.

I am curious to see how this mattress wears and holds up over the years. Right now, we are glad we went for it. Mattress technology has definitely improved from our first purchase early on in our marriage!

GelFoamBed has a 10 year warranty on their mattresses, so that is about the life span you would get from any mattress before you need to replace it. It’s also pretty darn cost-effective. They offer the 14-inch plush for only $449  (Trust me, I just went mattress shopping!) and with free shipping and a fair free trial period, that’s a really good deal. There’s definitely peace of mind in this purchase.

GelFoamBed let me select the mattress of my choosing for an honest review. All opinions and photography are mine. 


Since the weather was super hot and muggy this weekend, we spent our days mostly indoors working on some things. Whomp, whomp. Any time we went outside it was short-lived and everyone said they wished we had our own pool. There aren’t enough popsciles or sprinklers in the world or maybe we are just big babies! So, projects we tackled. We feel soooo accomplished! Ha,ha! In the days ahead, get ready for a bedroom makeover reveal, our closet reveal, an easy wallpaper DIY, and more!

Have a fab Monday!



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