Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Faceted Favorites

I was placing some flowers from my yard in a new vase on the mantel and by pairing it with the existing mirror I already have, I realized how drawn I am to faceted objects. There is something about the lines in faceted pieces that I love, they’re angular and repetitive and dramatic much like the cut of a gemstone.

faceted mirror and vase

Some might call these shapes trendy but when you look at classic crystal barware or any cut stone you realized faceted shapes have been around forever, and it’s refreshing to see these geometric inspired pieces popping up again, reinterpreted as modern d├ęcor. Some favorites below:

 faceted favorites

large planter (also in white) / heart art / golden vases / teardrop colored vases / side table / white wall vase / mercury glass table lamp / ripley gold lamp / mosaic mirror / hexadome bowl (also in gold) / decanter + glasses / brass pendant light


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