Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Over the Weekend

This weekend was a tough one. Our family is recovering from heartache – we lost our Gram, suddenly, on Easter Sunday, and our family held the services this past weekend. I haven’t had much experience with loss at a close, personal level. This one is tough to swallow, but as a family we’re slowly moving forward, remembering her for what a fantastic, loving and caring woman she was.  Gram, you are sorely missed.


I pretty much stayed low all weekend, hung around the house and appreciated my son for being such an angel during the (very long!) funeral. He’s growing up so fast, it also breaks my heart. Wasn’t the baby stage supposed to last longer?  Zano sat (with his iPad, on silent) through the 3 hour funeral without a peep, except for yelling out his baby cousin’s name “CALLIE!” during one of the speeches – totally adorable and equally embarrassing.  Maybe it was the big crowd, or maybe he’s maturing enough to know when to be reverent. Either way, this kid couldn’t have been more of  an angel this weekend. As if my heart couldn’t get any bigger…

Enough of the sad sappy stuff, what I did do this weekend was prep for the launch of more rugs and pillows in the shop! I also received the pair of #FP+Loom moccosins that I ordered last week. Now that I’m a shop owner and equivocally a ‘maker’, the urge to support small businesses, especially women in business, has quadrupled. I always loved Freshly Picked moccs, but this collab is too good not to support.

#FPxLoom Moccasins // brittanyMakes

I also got a wild hair up my you-know-what and made the first article of clothing ever – these insane mudcloth trousers! I analyzed a pair of Zano’s joggers (these to be exact) and created my own pattern, then made these joggers (with elastic and jersey lining and everything!).  It took me probably 5 hours and a few curse words, but how cute are they?

#FPxLoom Moccasins // brittanyMakes

#FPxLoom Moccasins // brittanyMakes

#FPxLoom Moccasins // brittanyMakes

Gah, how cute is that kid.


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