Monday, April 4, 2016

Over the Weekend

With my weekdays being so hectic and fully focused on my day job, I spend almost every “free” minute on the weekends focused on content for the blog or my shop. This weekend was a fun one!

Rock Delivery

It took a little convincing (after trying out a new budgeting process, thanks for the tip Julia!) but my husband was finally on board with finishing the backyard! Friday we placed our order for 9 cubic yards of rock (um, that’s a lot!) and Saturday morning the delivery came! We ran around town purchasing plants for the perimeter of our back yard. We are low maintenance people and decided drought tolerant is the best option for us. We spent two days straight planting and spreading dirt throughout our backyard. I’ve never been so sore. How do I not have a 6-pack right now..


I’m also happy to report I now own a massive foxtail agave! For a hot minute I didn’t think we could get him into the car. But the front seat worked perfectly! (I documented the whole thing on snapchat, I’m: brittanymakes)


He looks happy as a clam :)

New Rug

Sunday morning I hit the flea real quick to restock product for the shop. I just about died when I saw this rug, peachy navy perfection. I desperately want to keep it for my kitchen, but I think it’s a tad too wide :( Good news for you, it might hit the shop!


And finally, I actually went shopping for once. Let me preface this by saying I NEVER do this (never post photos of myself in the dressing room – I look like a total dork and I’m wearing a black bra – oops). BUT, this shirt makes me feel like Claire Underwood (sans the jeans) and I bought it in two colors. It’s structured and really flattering in person (my selfie photo skills are majorly lacking). It’s on sale, and I recommend sizing down.

What did you do this weekend?


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