Thursday, April 14, 2016

Does Your Child Have a Nickname?


When Mabrey was two years old, her spunky personality blossomed. My dad started calling her “Mabes” (rhymes with babes) and “Mabers” (rhymes with neighbors). The playful nicknames felt less formal and, before we knew it, we were affectionately using them as well. To this day, we beckon Mabrey with “Mabes!” in casual conversation. Even the boys call her Mabes. As she grows older, more than likely she’ll outgrow the moniker but, for now, she seems happy with it.

When Everett (whose middle name is James) was born, we called him E.J. for a few years until one day he finally exclaimed, “I’m not E.J.! My name is Everett!” That was the end of E.J. I find it ironic that the nickname we planned for Everett didn’t stick, while the accidental nicknames for Mabrey have lingered. Layne has never had a nickname, mostly because his name is only one syllable.

Does your child have a nickname? Do you? Do you love or loathe nicknames? Our niece Savannah goes by Vannah, and I love it.

P.S. – A website chock full of unexpected nicknames.

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