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Spring Home Tour

Spring Home Tour Bliss at Home

Happy Spring, friends! The older I get, the more I appreciate each season. It just reminds me how change can be such a good thing. Even winter is worth the cold when you see a blanket of glistening snow awaiting you. In honor of the changing season, I am joining a group of bloggers today to share our Spring Home Tour. If you are visiting from Eleven Gables, welcome! Emily’s home is so warm and inviting.

My boys are home for spring break this week and I love nothing more in this world than when our little family is together in our home without schedules to stick to. I like the noise and I tend to turn into Susie Homemaker cooking almost every meal. So funny how hungry little people at home all day can inspire new culinary endeavors. Our trips to the grocery store have me grabbing every fruit and vegetable in season and I notice I indulge a bit more in flowers this time of year. You can’t turn down tulips when they are only $4 a bunch. Total flower addict here.

The weather has been looking up a bit too and we have been outdoors a little more. Our daffodils are popping up and the grass is starting to get green again. We have been having a relaxed approach to this break, shopping daily for our dinner meals and enjoying activities like taking hikes and biking trails. No big travel plans, we are just enjoying being home.

So, here’s our spring home. We’ll start in the kitchen since we’ve been spending a lot of time in there.


Spring Home Tour Bliss at Home

Our market trip today resulted in an assortment of oranges. They are in season and delicious. The blood oranges and navel oranges are especially good right now. I also picked up some more flowers to enjoy.

Bliss at Home Spring Home Tour

Our kitchen is so full of light now that the days are getting longer and brighter again. It’s such a happy place to be. Is there nothing better than a sink full of blooms? I just love my weekly flower haul.

Bliss at Home Spring Home Tour

I should have titled this tour “flowers in every room” because that’s pretty much how I spring decorate these days. We’ll dye Easter eggs in a few days and decorate our table for brunch and Easter dinner soon, so I did not rush to push out photos for that. I am trying to live in real-time and be present in these moments when they organically happen. Besides this post, I am taking the rest of the week off from anything blog related to enjoy the break with my kids.

kids home for spring break

Speaking of kids, they’re home so naturally they gravitated to where D and I are. My oldest who is 12 and taller than me at 6′ 1″ is telling us jokes. 12-year-old boy humor, so you can imagine.

As for my 7-year-old…he’s just as silly. We have lots of laughs, just put it that way.


spring home tour bliss at home

I am no florist and my flower arranging skills are only so-so. I usually stick to full bouquets of the same flower. It’s easy to make that look good. The gold hand vase is still a favorite of mine and perfect for the white tulips. I just can’t quit that vase, LOL!


I keep the spring decor light and fresh in our home. As you can see I keep it simple in the kitchen, and pretty much let nature dictate our decor in there. Usually fruit and flowers.


Spring Home Tour Bliss at Home

My office space I like to keep light and bright. I changed up my inspiration board with things that are speaking to me for this spring and summer.

Spring Home Tour Bliss at Home

Those tulips had to live at my desk today, since I was here editing these photos and writing this up. A spring scented candle, some new pencils, and indulging in the spring fashion issue were a great little spring pick-me-up.

spring home tour bliss at home


spring home tour bliss at home

Our living room got a makeover recently for the Taylor Burke Home Style It Challenge. This room gets so much light this time of year and it just feels like spring with the blush touches.

spring home tour

spring home tour

spring home tour bliss at home

The only addition I’ve made since the challenge is that little geo votive holder.

spring home tour bliss at home

New Gallery wall and art on mantel from Artfully Walls

art from artfully walls, zebra art from Mitchell Black

spring home tour bliss at home

It’s also a great time to buy orchids. They are getting them in everywhere and we recently had a local orchid festival.


SPRING HOME TOUR bliss at home

I am trying not to do too much in our bedroom and just reuse things we already have. I got the palm pillows out of storage and added in some blush touches. We also added in some old wall lamps to free up some space on our nightstands. I recently added the linen draperies and I’ll share more on those soon.

spring home tours bliss at home

My spring candle travels with me from room to room depending on where I am spending my time.


The tabletop of my vanity has become jewelry storage.

spring home tour bliss at home

spring home tours

I’m thinking about some new art pieces to add to our room, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. The walls are pretty naked, which I am kind of into right now. We still have our closet doors to finish first though. D has been traveling a lot and I need his carpentry expertise to finish that job up. When we finish our closet I’ll share it here on the blog. It’s worlds better than it was before!

Thanks for joining us for our spring home tour today! A big thank you to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for organizing this year’s tours again.

 I wish you all a joyous Holy Week and Easter if you are celebrating.

Now be sure to visit Hymns & Verses next to continue the Spring Home Tours.




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