Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Our New Gallery Wall

Hey friends! Gallery walls are a great way to add another layer to your surroundings. Today, I am sharing our new gallery wall that we just installed in our entry way.

I prefer them to take up a whole wall. Floor to ceiling. It’s a bit dramatic, which *of course* I LOVE. I just swoon over the interest and personality they present. This is exactly the change I wanted to make in our entry way. Our stenciled wall has been quite the popular kid, but I was ready to take it to the next level. I enlisted the help of Artfully Walls to start layering in some pieces with our existing art and photographs.


This is quite a different space considering our fireplace is the divider between the entry way and our living room. So, this gallery wall really starts with the fireplace mantel since it shares attention with that stenciled wall.

The idea was to keep it black and white with pops of gold that unify the separate areas. Our mantel now sports the black and white abstract I painted with my boys, the Mitchell Black Zebra Art, and this new gold framed art from Artfully Walls. Overlapping the art on the mantel works because of the varying scales of the pieces.


art from artfully walls, zebra art from Mitchell Black

Artwork from Artfully Walls

This carries to the entry way wall behind the fireplace. I made the eye move to that wall by using the same gold frame as the one on the mantel. It makes the two separate areas flow together seamlessly.

New Gallery wall and art on mantel from Artfully Walls

I like to add interest to our spaces by making little teases. The wall beckons you to see what’s around the corner. I also love that this is the first thing people see when they enter our front door.

New art on mantel and a gallery wall with Artfully Walls

Gallery wall in entry way with Artfully Walls

For the large gallery wall, you can see that I kept to the black and white vision. By using all different art media and photography, the black and white unifies the grouping despite different sizes and different frames. I mixed photographs, paintings, sketches, line drawings, word art, and chalk art to make a wall that says a bit about our family and my love of all things Parisian. Admitted Francophile here. It’s a little hint at the decor and mix that will await you in the rest of our home.

Go big with your gallery wall. Floor to ceiling really makes a statement.

Let’s talk about the frames for a moment. I was so impressed with the framing and matting options from Artfully Walls. They had some gorgeous gold options, which I was thrilled to see. I chose to stick to gold, white, and black frames. The AW frames mixed perfectly with my collection of thrifted and store-bought frames.

gorgeous gold frame options for your art from Artfully Walls

Black and white abstract art from Artfully Walls

A floor to ceiling gallery wall with art pieces from Artfully Walls

We all love the new gallery wall. It definitely takes our decor to the next level in my humble opinion. By having it dominate the whole wall it has great visual impact. The perfect layer to add more style and expression to our home.


Here are the pieces from Artfully Walls that I used in our gallery wall: 

Art for the Francophile from Artfully Walls

On the mantel:

ONE Arrowhead vine by Kate Roebuck

On the wall: 

TWO Out of Shape by Anna Ullman THREE Paris by Sivan Askavo

FOUR Tranquility 2 by Emine Ortega FIVE Raindrops by Heather J. Chontos

SIX Woman in Mask by Anna Ullman SEVEN White Peacock by Christine Lindstrom

EIGHT Paris by Misato Suzuki NINE Herringbone by Kate Roebuck

I know when I teased that I was changing the stenciled wall, so many of you said NOOOOO!!! Well, it’s still there just dressed up a bit 😉

I had so much fun shopping on Artfully Walls for this project. They have an amazing selection of art and photography. Definitely a fantastic art source to shop.

I also love how individualized the AW experience is. You choose your size, matte or no matte, frame selection. They even have an app for you to see it on your wall before you buy it.

Definitely, check them out if you are in the market for creating a gallery wall or just want to pick up a new piece of art or two to freshen up your space.

I’ll be back Friday with a great giveaway for you! Have a fab Wednesday!!

This is a sponsored post for Artfully Walls. I’d like to thank them for supporting my design vision for this project. All opinions and photographs are mine. 



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Article Source: Our New Gallery Wall

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