Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dreams for the Front of our House


Behold, our house.

It pains me to look at the front of our house. Our poor lawn! But, we’re being the dutiful Californians and have allowed our lawn to die. It’s only green in parts thanks to the rain we’ve gotten this season.

The weather has been so nice lately – a preview to summer! It’s made me start thinking about finishing our exterior spaces, both front and back.  We didn’t quite finish the back yard in time for a reveal last summer, so I postponed it to this year. Additionally, our front yard is just screaming for help.

The giant dead front lawn area is now just wasted space. If money were no option, we would build the house forward, add a bedroom and a master bath.  We’ve weighed the cost against potential ROI and have concluded it wouldn’t be the best investment, although I would love the added square footage.

We have a couple Eichler neighborhoods in our area with incredible and immaculate dry landscape, It’s hard not to pick up inspiration from your surroundings! I’m channeling the simplicity, and mix of natural elements, that most Eichler homes carry. Maybe a slat fence, maybe a few too many prickly cacti. I think I need to take a road trip to the desert :)

My achievable wishlist for the front of our house includes: removing the brick facade, removing the decorative bracket things, repaint the exterior, rework the pathway and planter areas, and possibly add a fence.  The tough part about painting our house is the fact our roof is RED. Ugh! A red roof. I’ve dug hard and deep in Pinterest and Houzz, and come up empty handed on inspiration. What color (besides beige) goes good with a brick red roof?

And, does anyone have a good tutorial on photoshopping colors realistically? Help!



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