Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekend Reading

Hello friends, not much happening in my world this weekend other than enduring the rain and cozying up with my kitty and Netflix. I’m happy to have a weekend with no projects to finish or events to attend. Cheers to two quiet days living in pajamas just watching the rain fall outside.

niche arched vanity

Favorite links:

I found this elegant home and *sigh* completely fell in love.

Do you love coastal style spaces? Don’t miss this portfolio of homes.

Wow what a makeover! I’m smitten with this contemporary family room.

There’s a lot of style packed into this 635 square foot apartment.

A charming hacienda in Joshua Tree you can rent on AirB&B.

“Take time with your art collection” and more decorating tips.

8 companies to help you hack your IKEA furniture.

15 pianos that suit their space.

How beautiful are these tree branch shelves?

Have a lovely weekend!

~ Kate


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