Monday, January 11, 2016

Coming Soon in 2016

Long time, no see! Today’s post is more of a “what is coming soon in 2016” here on B@H.


Did you all have a nice holiday? I had an amazing vacation friends! I focused on regaining my health, had the most relaxed Christmas with my family and friends, and took time to reflect on 2015 and some changes I want to make for 2016. I also stepped on the scale and realized I need to start running and being more strict on my diet again…ahhhh, worth it though!  I don’t regret those holiday treats one little bit.

I do have to say that I feel an extra spring in my step this week. Would you like to hear what is happening here and coming this 2016?!

Let’s break it down…

#1  A BIG Magazine Feature

I started this first week of 2016 off with a very big “pinch me moment”.  I had an amazing team here shooting our home for something that I am so very proud of. It won’t be on newsstands until the latter end of this year, but when I get the green light to share about it, you better believe it– I will be shouting it from the rooftops!  I spent the last couple days in styling and photography heaven with the most talented creatives. I feel so honored and loved the whole process.

#2 The Long Awaited Kitchen Reveal

Remember that kitchen we’ve been working on for weeks???? Yes, well… it is finished! (Insert major high fives and a million fist bumps here). The date is set for the reveal and I can’t wait to share how it all turned out!

B@H Kitchen Reveal January 18 Before & After

Also, with that reveal there is a great giveaway for you for something that I am gaga for!! You won’t want to miss that!!

#3 The Taylor Burke Home Style It Challenge


I’ve been busy working on my look for the TBH Style It Challenge. It is getting photographed soon which is always an exciting moment. I am still on cloud nine that they chose me for this challenge. It definitely has been amazing working with some of my favorite luxury brands. Hunted Interior and Lisa Mende Designs are the other two design bloggers chosen. Our reveals will go live on our blogs and on One Kings Lane early this February. I will share the date as soon as I get it.

#4 Our Closet Makeover


We did a little makeover on our master bedroom closet and I will be sharing the new organization and storage solutions here on the blog. We teamed up with The Container Store on this project and will be showcasing some of their great products.

#5 Priorities and Saying No and When to Say HECK YES! 

Like most families I know we have busy schedules for our kids.  My husband travels for work often while I have been trying to grow my blog and showcase my design and stylist skills. It’s a lot to shove into life and still keep sane. I think I lost it right before the holidays. I definitely over-booked work in 2015 and I need to restructure how I do things and learn to say no even more. That was one hard lesson learned.

I am still not sure how this translates to B@H and where I want to take my career path. I had some very intriguing offers outside the blog in 2015, but none of them were a good fit for our marriage and family. I’ve been learning to say no, even when it is an amazing opportunity. It has to be the perfect fit for our lives and if it pulls too much time from my marriage and kids– it’s just a deal breaker for the season of life we are in right now.

Going into 2016, I feel good about the pace January is starting off at. I don’t feel overwhelmed, and I spent the whole of 2015 like I was carrying a heavy rock on my back most days. I am guarding my priorities and time as I look at work this coming year. So, if you see me commit to something and collaborate it is because it is a crazy good fit and I am mad passionate about it. (Like TBH or our kitchen reveal.) Things that fit with my goals and projects and that I can work on in my own time. Not crazy impossible deadlines that just add stress to our home life.

#6 Are we moving?

This is a question that has been hanging in the air going on 2 years now. Well, it looks like it is happening this year. It will be great for our family and we will have D at home a lot more. Basically, less travel and more time together is the big selling factor for us. I’ll keep you posted on it, but it is looking like it might happen in May or June of this year. I am excited to have a new canvas to create a home on and the area we are looking at is full of colonial homes which would be a dream come true. I’ve always wanted that center hall colonial for our family home…so maybe, just maybe, that is where we will end up growing old and wrinkly at after all.

Again, I cannot thank you enough to all of you who have followed along on my journey here. I feel like one lucky girl indeed and it wouldn’t be possible without all of your support and interest in what I share and do here. I am not sure what path I will go down with this blog and what offers I will take in the future, but I do know that I will continue to live out my dreams and focus on balance and the things that are dearest to my heart.

I have a great feeling about 2016 and it already has far surpassed any expectations I could have had. About that…trying not to place expectations… just going to enjoy the work and road I am paving.




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