Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cranberry Pomegranate Martinis

Last weekend I had extended family in town so my sister and I got creative with cocktails – we were in the mood for a citrusy berry vodka martini so with some brief experimentation we came up with these pretty and tasty cranberry pomegranate martinis for the ladies.

cranberry pomegranate martini

I realized later this is very similar to a cosmopolitan but without the lime juice, no wonder we liked them so much! The ingredients are simple, citron vodka and triple sec to add a touch of citrus flavor combined with cranberry pomegranate juice.


First I prepped the glasses with fresh cranberries on a cocktail pic, an orange twist adds to the pretty presentation. Those gorgeous library martini glasses are from Pottery Barn, so is the stag cocktail shaker which I gave to my sister as an early Christmas gift.

prep glasses

To make three martinis, combine the following in a cocktail shaker: ice, 1 cup of cranberry pomegranate juice, 1/3 cup of citron vodka, and 2 capfuls (or tablespoons) of triple sec. Mix and pour!

cocktail pour

 single cranberry pomegranate martini

We dined afterwards, it’s always nice to share a meal with my extended family. I’ll share a few more images of the Christmas tablescape seen in the background tomorrow.

cranberry pomegranate martinis

Cheers! .

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