Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mid Century Accent Chairs

mid century accent chairs | brittanyMakes

Don’t tell my husband, but I’ve been thinking A LOT about finishing our living room. He thinks our house is done. Done? Done as in “we’re done, no more spending money on the house!” But, uh… what about the built-ins flanking the fireplace, or our (socially acceptable) desert of a lawn, or the planter beds that are empty, or our laundry “room” situation, or our roof, or repainting our house? Clearly I have a list a mile long of things left to do in the house. Sadly for me, he threw his list out once we finished our last project.

Well, I’ve started taking a few matters into my own hands, like buttoning up our living room. I’ve had two of these chairs in my possession for a year and a half, just sitting in my garage waiting for their moment. One of my besties gave me these chairs, for free. Yes, FREE. They’re a hot mess now, but you just wait until I’m finished with them! I’ve been saving my pennies to get them professionally reupholstered. I usually upholster things myself, but these are behemoth chairs and besides, I literally have no time to spare so I’ll be paying someone to upholster them for me. Heck, getting these two chairs reupholstered professionally costs less than buying two brand new chairs of similar style. At the end of the day I’m saving us money! (Which is totally not an accountant thing to say, ha!)

Here are 4 upholstery styles I’m considering for these chairs.

mid century accent chairs | brittanyMakes

velvet | tweed | stripe | check

Which one do you like best?



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