Friday, November 13, 2015

Big Thanks!

You know that feeling where you’ve done something you think is really good – maybe you built a bookcase or painted a piece of art – and you feel like patting yourself on the back? You also feel like sharing it with everyone you encounter, but worry about looking like an arrogant a-hole? Well… I kind of feel this way about my kitchen. I really love my kitchen, I think we did a great job (smell the arrogance yet?), but I tend to jump back and forth over the line of being humble and low key, allowing the internet to “discover” it… and annoying boasting over it’s awesomeness. My kitchen is no where near being the best, it’s kind of like your child, you will love your child more than anyone else, and that’s normal! Anyway… loves my kitchen, so much so they have it as their landing page! WHAT! I’ve tested it out on a few browsers, you can’t see it on a mobile device as the formatting is different, and I think IE shows something different? Anyway, it’s there! I promise! I’m looking at it right now on Safari and Chrome. landing page | brittanyMakes

the Signature Roman Shade in Camden Dark Storm

I don’t think I got to thank enough for their amazing product and sincere generosity. They supplied our cordless pull down roman shades for our kitchen and living room, with out them our kitchen would be naked. They were beyond easy to work with, their team is full of the nicest, friendliest, encouraging folks. They accommodated our living room window, which is HUGE, like over 100″ huge, and they made sure the roman shade on that window matched our smaller windows. Anyway, I really wanted to give them a huge thank you, it really is validating when a company loves the results so much they feature it as the landing page on their website.

I have another duo to thank! Megan + Dawn over at E.Interiors are featuring me today over on their beautiful site! They really know how to make a girl blush. They’ve been featuring their favorite bloggers every friday, from House of Jade to Danielle Oakey Interiors, both super talents! I know you all will enjoy their site as much as I do. Thank you again Megan + Dawn for all your enthusiasm and support!

ALRIGHTY, it’s Friday! Peace out everyone!



Article Source: Big Thanks!

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