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BH Kitchen Reno Week 7 ish

Hey friends! Thanks for hanging in there with me as I try to navigate this schedule with my kids and my husband’s weekly traveling and the other stuff. My plate is definitely full these days, more than it has been in a very long time. But, HOORAY!!! Today, I am sharing the progress on our BH Kitchen Reno Week 7.

It’s more like Week 7 ISH, because I usually do these posts on Fridays, but I just didn’t have any oomph left at the end of a very long day to keep my peepers open to write and edit for 2 hours the past couple nights. Plus, I’m sure that post would have been heavily loaded with spelling errors and incomplete sentences! I am just not going to push it when I have to be up and at it so early every day.

We are still a bit of a construction zone over here. The contractor finished up Friday and the rest is stuff we are taking on. Just some painting, installing shelves, making over the cabinets, and finish work. It should only take us about 10 years. I kid, but I’m sure it will take us 2 weeks longer than what we think we can do it all in.

Here’s where we are as of 2pm Sunday…


Week 7 ish, (hee, hee! 7 ish) had its pros and its cons.


We figured out the other side of our oven for more storage and countertop space! OH, AND IT INVOLVES WINE.

While walking the aisles at the home improvement store, we found a wine and beverage cooler on clearance. Then, we thought, what if we could find some stock cabinets and make it fit the space?

Little wheels started turning. Well, that plan actually worked out, so we have more storage and will have more countertop space. The cabinets will all be painted and get new hardware as discussed before.

As you can see, we were in the middle of installing the open shelving when I quickly snapped this photo so you could see what I’m talking about.

BH Kitchen Reno Week 7


 We are getting near that finish line on this reno and I got hit with the words, “The rest of your  countertops will not get installed until after Thanksgiving.”

Whomp, whomp…that kinda totally kills the “have the kitchen finished by November 15th deadline.”

After I had that panic in my head, (but only if you knew what was happening in less than a week!!!!) I was hoping I could sway the installers and be like it’s only a tiny little part of countertop, do you think you could squeeze us in?? Or, I will share your business on my blog and all my social media like crazy!! Or, I will pay extra to have it installed before Thanksgiving!!  But, I chickened out and thought my futile attempts to get my way would all fail and who am I to get preferential treatment anyways? There is probably some mom or grandma out there who is having her entire family come over for the holiday and needs it more than I do. Apparently, everyone decided to remodel their kitchens and wants their countertops in for Thanksgiving in this little area of the world I live so I just need to get in line.



 All the tile work is finished! 

Okay, maybe not tile for miles, but tile for 70 square feet.

I love how the line is not broken up now. Tiling that chalkboard wall was definitely the right choice.

BH Kitchen Reno Week 7



The new GE Artistry dishwasher is installed.

Not, sure if it is really a pro to wash dishes…ha, ha! Our last dishwasher was not the best and when the plumber was here he said our old dishwasher never had a proper drain line…so that explains that. It’s grossing me out how many times we used the old one now…

BH Kitchen Reno Week 7



Our ceiling is now repaired and all we have to do is paint it!

We completely changed the lighting plan for this space, so we had a lot of holes in the ceiling to fix. Our contractor did a great job making our ceiling look seamless again.

BH Kitchen Reno Week 7


The lights from Cedar & Moss and Rejuvenation came in time and are installed. I am a bit smitten, well, okay, I’m in deep smit. I just walk in there to look at them. True story.

I went with a ceiling medallion to add more traditional into mix with the simple form of the pendant shade and the tulip table. This is the pendant from Rejuvenation.

Bliss at Home: BH Kitchen Reno Week 7: Rejuvenation pendant for breakfast nook.

Bliss at Home: BH Kitchen Reno Week 7: breakfast nook with banquette from Ballard Designs, table from Bellacor, pendant from Rejuvenation.

The key to creating an awesome lighting plan in this space was to create several levels of light. At night, when the work of cooking and clean-up is done it’s nice to have softer light.

This fixture from Cedar & Moss is the perfect fit for over our window. I love the gold bulb. Just having the two pendants and window fixture on the same switch is the perfect night-time light when you aren’t working in this space.

Bliss at Home: BH Kitchen Reno Week 7: Cedar & Moss light



So, because we went outside the budget on our cabinet and wine cooler on the other side of the stove… we decided not to spend extra on hiring out painters. This should be a complete post in itself. Whatever your budget for your kitchen renovation– add at least $2,000. Little add-ons, constant tiny runs to the store, and last-minute extras add up!

This means we are doing all the painting, which we are perfectly capable, I was just hoping I could spare myself the headache right now with everything going on. So, we have the rest of the walls, the ceiling, and all the cabinets to paint. I will require lots of wine after that is all done. (Geneseo girls we will have to have a girls night soon!)



The hardware is not here.

Only half my order showed up. So, come to find out that the rest is backordered until mid-November. Not a huge issue since our countertops aren’t getting here until later now anyways. Maybe it will be restocked this week? Maybe??


As you can see we made some really great progress!! We actually got more done than this post shows but I didn’t have a lot of light to shoot. It was not a great day to shoot photos in there which I’m sure you can tell.

The only thing that is a bummer, but not a huge bummer in the grand scheme of things, is the countertop and hardware delay. I’ll be able to use this space again soon and we will just wait for those items to be installed for that big reveal!!

So, plan on December being kitchen month here on B@H. It’s a couple of weeks later than I’d hoped, but it will be exciting all the same! I’ll announce the big reveal date when I know the status of what day the countertops are getting here. Right now my cabinets are insecure and naked, they’re just a little ashamed and not ready for their close-up.



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