Friday, October 30, 2015

BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 6

Happy Friday!!  Our BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 6 is a good one because it involves two of my favorite words Carrara + marble!

Are you ready to see the progress this last week?


Last week, almost all our tile backsplash was installed. I say almost, because D and I had a design meeting and decided that another wall needed the tile.

BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 6-- Carrara Marble backsplash is almost finished.

See the chalk wall with “TILE ME :)”? Well, originally that was going to be a built-in, but we changed some of our design plans. We did a little moving with our open shelving from the window wall to the wall next to the range, so the pot rack got moved next to the fridge. That wall is going to be all tile now. I like that the eye will carry around the space by seeing the tile not broken up but on each wall. A brass and wood hanging pot rack and small shelf ledge will be there but that is it. It’s going to be a little station for Zoey’s dog needs with her food and water bowl beneath. Our shipment of more tile just arrived today! Hooray! That was très speedy!

BH Kitchen Reno Week 6

Our open shelving is getting moved to this wall…

BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 6

This space next to the range is going to have those beautiful brass Rejuvenation brackets and shelves. Below the shelving, we are adding more kitchen storage and more marble countertop will be added for more workspace.

If these walls could talk…

They would say, “I’m going to be FAAAA-BULOUS!!”

As you can see all the soffits are trimmed out and the wall mouldings are finished; they just need paint.


We met with the painters last night and went over the game plan. All the walls are getting a fresh coat of white. The windows are getting black inserts.

BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 6

All the cabinets are getting painted and new hardware.

BH Kitchen Reno Update 6

Oh, and almost all the hardware is in and it is even better in person!

BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 6 - Lew's hardware


Well folks, we had our first shipment issue. The light I picked for over the dining table is on back order for a long time, longer than I feel like waiting anyways. I had to cancel it and select a new fixture.

So, in the meantime D is going to don his electrician’s hat again and take out the eyeball lights and update the outlets and switches. He is going to install the lights we do have being the 2 pendants over the peninsula, the vintage accordion lamps, the under cabinet lighting, and the rest of the recessed lighting. I know he was hoping to do it all at once, but with this recent baby hiccup he is going to get what he can done.

We will just be waiting on these 2 fixtures to arrive:

BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 6 : Cedar & Moss lighting

This light for over the window by Cedar and Moss.

BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 6 : Rejuvenation lighting

We traded our back order item for this Rejuvenation pendant for over the tulip table.

Both companies said 2-3 weeks, so I am hoping that is accurate. We shall see. It took me eons to pick out the first one, so I think I am just going to have to go with these unless they become back ordered too.

In other news, some pretty awesome things keep showing up at my door. The custom stud muffin shades from Loom Decor just arrived!! They are a favorite for me.

BH Kitchen Reno Update week 6 loom decor stud muffin roman shades

Oh, and some delicious leather from Leather Hide Store made it here to make my chairs a little more HOT DAMN instead of just awhhhh.

BH Kitchen Reno Update week 6 embossed black croc from Leather Hide Store

So, this weekend we have our hands full with getting the lighting we have in and the rest of the electrical updated. When I say we, I mean D. I don’t help with electrical unless it is to hand him things or yell that he has the right breaker shut off.

Also, we are going to try to get the exhaust hooked up thru the roof. The electrical for it is done and the hood just needs to be finished out. We also are going to try to get the new faucet installed, if we have time.

Another thing on the weekend agenda is to hunt Restore for a cabinet or dresser or something that we can use next to the range for more storage and go to the marble yard to pick out the counter for it.

All of this is enough to try to pack into the weekend and we both are starting to feel the clock tick faster on our deadline! Tick-tock!

Speaking of the deadline let’s see our timeline and where we are at…

Week One was a lot of planning and setting dates for work and deliveries. Getting the countertops installed so quickly was great to get the ball rolling.

Week 2: Countertops installed. Install new lighting. D used to be an electrician, so we are saving money planning and installing our own lighting plan for this space. We are getting rid of the eyeball lights, ceiling fan, and dining area chandelier.

Week 3: Install recessed lighting on kitchen side. Wire up accordion sconces. Meet with carpenter to go over job.

Week 4: Carpenter works. Custom trim work, custom range hood.

Week 5: Soffit trim finished, and tile backsplash installed.

We are here!! Week 6: Meet with painters and go over plans for painting walls, ceiling, trim, and cabinets. OOPS…design change! Order more tile (just arrived). Install the rest of the lighting and update outlets and switches. Hook up exhaust. Install new faucet. Hunt Restore for cabinet or something we can play with and pick out marble slab for the rest of the counter.

Week 7: Install open shelving, D and I’s special project, install the rest of the appliances. The extra wall gets tiled and finish work. Painters come and paint the walls, trim, and cabinets.

Week 8: Install cabinet hardware. Fingers-crossed the 2 lighting fixtures arrive!! Punch list items, and then INSTALL DAY :)

This week is going to be a lot of little tasks in preparation for the contractor to come back and tile that added wall and do the finish work on the hood and ceiling. I am starting to wonder if we will make our 8 week deadline…maybe!!

I have to say though, I’ve been hoarding so many decor pieces that are oh so good for install day. I’m hoping we finish on time because I’m itching to get in there and place furniture and get styling!

Well, wish us luck! It’s going to be a busy kitchen project weekend to work around a birthday party and Halloween trick or treating with the boys…



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