Friday, October 16, 2015

BH Kitchen Reno Update Week 4


Happy Friday!!! Here’s our BH Kitchen Reno Update! The kitchen reno is in full swing now with our contractor that started this week.

The construction side of things will be moving pretty quickly now. HOORAY!! Hiring out was definitely the right choice for us at this point in our lives. D and I like to work on these projects together and with his new position he had to fly out again this week for work. It would have probably taken us 3x as long to get it all done with our schedules right now. Also, with the holidays fastly approaching, I definitely want a kitchen to enjoy with family and friends. We are still on schedule with our timeline so here’s what has happened this week.


The new exhaust system is installed and the beginnings of a custom range hood are in the works.

BH Kitchen Reno Week 4 : installing an exhaust system and building a custom range hood

We are solving a major problem in our kitchen with this new exhaust system and hood. We had a microwave with an exhaust fan before and it did not do much at all. It wasn’t very powerful, so when I was cooking up a storm it was super hot and steamy.

We went with a Broan exhaust fan insert that has three settings and it is super powerful! It runs up through the attic and out the roof instead of pumping back into the kitchen like the microwave units do.

You get it right? When you are hosting a dinner party and all dolled up, THE LAST THING you want to do is sweat off your make-up preparing food for your guests. Well, maybe that’s just me.

The hood is a wood frame that is protected with metal sheeting. This way the steam won’t warp the wood and it is protected from flame. Since we are working the original soffits into our new design, I worked with our contractor on a design that will make the hood a focal point.


The dining side of our kitchen is getting some beautiful wall treatments. I selected some panel trim that I love and we laid out the new wall designs yesterday.

BH Kitchen Reno week 4: Custom wall moldings

The wall treatment is getting installed today and I will share some peeks on Snapchat (blissathome) and maybe Instagram over the weekend. I was really inspired by the Parisian apartments I so love. All the walls on this side of the space are getting this wall treatment and I think it will really enhance this space.


I am trying out some hardware samples to see what will mix with the metals I have chosen for this space. I really want to mix my metals and this takes some attention to get it right. I have to give you all a BIG THANK YOU for voting for my Ikea Rast Hack. It’s because of your votes I won!! Hickory Hardware is outfitting all my cabinets for this makeover and I am thrilled to see this new line of Velocity hardware they just came out with in a new gold finish.

BH Kitchen Reno Week 4: Hickory Hardware samples

It’s a tough call though because I also really love the crystal. I just wish the crystal had a gold finish, then it would be an easy sell for me. I am going to try to pick it out today so I can get my order in.


I finally decided on my breakfast nook lighting fixture and I went with something that will tie in nicely with our lighting plan for the rest of the space. Since we are doing a black upholstered banquette and a white tulip table, I opted for a geometric pendant in black. I love its form and against our white wall treatment it will really pop. It is that mix of modern and traditional that I love to work into all my spaces.



via Bellacor

We also have all the recessed lighting installed. This is where D really shines with his electrician’s background. He laid out the lighting plan to fit the space perfectly. Everything is on dimmers too so we can control the light. This kitchen had the worst lighting for working in and over by the stove it was always so dark. Problem solved! Lighting can really make or break a space. The spacing, casting diameter, and wattage all matter when executing the right lighting plan.  You have to take into account your ceiling height and square footage and make sure you are selecting the right lights for your space. This is where having a lighting pro comes in really handy. Thank you, honey!

BH Kitchen Reno week 4: recessed lighting plan

I always like levels of light in my spaces. So, with the overheads, the pendants, the arm sconces, and under cabinet lighting this space will be covered.

Today is an exciting day with our contractor here!!  The wall treatments and the soffits are all getting outfitted today. After that, he is tiling our backsplashes in that gorgeous Carrara marble subway tile from The Tile Shop that I showed you last week.

B@H Kitchen Reno Update week 3

The tile will be up to the soffits and the perfect backdrop for the open shelving. Oh, and these beauties just arrived from Rejuvenation…hello gold babies!!

This is #happymail indeed. #brass brackets from @rejuvenation for our kitchen shelving ❤️ SWOON! #bhkitchenreno #twitter

These gold brackets will support our shelving and add a little extra bling to our kitchen. Y’all know I love some bling!

Well, that’s it for the updates today. You can keep up on this renovation on Instagram or Snapchat me at blissathome. I don’t think I will be able to resist sharing those walls!!

Week One was a lot of planning and setting dates for work and deliveries. Getting the countertops installed so quickly was great to get the ball rolling.

Week 2: Countertops installed. Install new lighting. D used to be an electrician, so we are saving money planning and installing our own lighting plan for this space. We are getting rid of the eyeball lights, ceiling fan, and dining area chandelier.

Week 3: Finish lighting!! Install new faucet.

We are here–Week 4: Carpenter works. Custom trim work, range hood, built-ins, and tile backsplash.

Week 5: Appliances get delivered and installed. (They are coming ahead of schedule!) Install open shelving. Cabinets painted.

Week 6: Hardware arrives and gets installed. Build custom storage rack (D and I’s special DIY project for this space).

Week 7: Punch list items. Install window treatments and furniture starts to arrive. (Banquette arrived 3 weeks early…awesome!) Shop for new kitchen wares and decor.

Week 8: Install day for furnishings and decor.

We are getting closer to that finish line! I wish you all a wonderful weekend and hope you get out to enjoy this gorgeous fall weather. Oh…and GO CUBS! I’m a Cub’s fan and this is the first time in a loooooooong time I have a reason to be super excited to watch them!

Cheers to the weekend!



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